Adebanjo Joshua, the President of Nursing TV
Adebanjo Joshua Ibukunoluwa


I am Adebanjo Joshua Ibukunouwa; founding initiator of the nursing media network.

Over the years, we have run several effective initiatives that have helped nurses, nursing students, and the nursing community gain a strong reputation.

I am very passionate about nursing/health journalism and I have been paying attention to articles and basic medical sciences writings to better understand how seasoned writers and Journalists put stories together.

Join the Future Nurses assembly, a division of the nursing media network.


Investigative Journalism

We unearth the truth about a certain issue, person, or event – such as the Global Epidemic – then analyze and provide all pertinent information to the public.

What exactly is COVID-19?

Nursing News journalism

Factual information is presented without embellishment or exegesis. Increase the amount of detail on what you must Know

OAUTHC Resident Doctors embark on strike over avoidable conflicts with Nurses.

Health Advocacy and Awareness

Health care debates concerning public initiatives, raising awareness, and promoting health and access to great health care are all things we have participated in and will continue to do.

Diabetes and High Blood Pressure: Understanding the Relationship


Public Relations Officer

2017 – 2018

PRO for Writers club project which helped to reveal the full potential of young minds in Nigeria

Public Relations Officer


PRO for Nigerian Universities Nursing Students Association, (NUNSAObafemi Awolowo University, Ile – Ife.

Let’s make something together.