Join Us

Join Us

We are seeking volunteers to join several committees which have been set up to improve the activities of the boards under Nursing TV, Nursing media Network.

Our organization:

Nursing TV, Nursing Media Network, began almost 3 years ago, the Board of Directors were inaugurated August 1, 2019. We are young, focused and growing fast across nations.

Our organization has been successful because of the good work and dedication of our board members and trustees, our team’s happiness is a priority, we strive for a healthy balance between working hours and personal time.

Volunteer Recruitment

We are looking for passionate volunteers joining us to spread positive values to the nursing community under the following board.

Innovation and Criticism Board

Event and Operations management

Human resource management

Fact Checking

Editorial Board and Internal communications

Graphic designer


Video maker/Editor

Web/media content creation

Proof reading

Publishing contents

Financial Auditing Board

Accounting and commerce

Board for Media strategy

SEO Analyst

Media account management

Email Marketing

Content and Campaign strategy

Social media strategy

Together we can make a difference.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with the contact information below, or send a message using the form.