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Ethics: Archie Battersbee, 12, dies after life support is turned off

Archie Battersbee

Archie Battersbee, a 12-year-old British boy whose life support was withdrawn after a legal battle between his parents and his doctors, died on Saturday, bringing to an end another wrenching case over who makes life and death decisions for a seriously ill child. Archie had been in a deep coma since his mother found him unconscious at their home in

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Nitrosamines: Latest on Condoms and Cervical cancer

Research has shown that people working in factories and warehouses with lots of latex around do have a higher exposure to nitrosamines, especially when they work there for decades. As with all other chemical exposures in our environment, it’s all a matter of scale. If you’re worried about chemicals in your environment, check out helpful recommendations about reducing your exposure.

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Brain Aneurysm, causes, symptoms, risk factors, complications, treatment, stats, and diagnosis

What Is a Brain Aneurysm? A brain aneurysm, also known as a subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH), Other names: Cerebral aneurysm, brain aneurism, brain aneurysm, cerebral aneurism, is a weak spot in the wall of a blood vessel inside the brain. Think of a weak spot in a balloon and how it feels stretched out and thin. A brain aneurysm is like that.

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Is There An Approved HIV Vaccine?

There is currently no vaccine that has been approved by the FDA to prevent HIV infection or treat those who have it, but human trial have commenced. WHAT IS HIV VACCINE USED FOR AND HOW DOES IT WORK? HIV vaccine is a therapeutic vaccine designed, to stimulate an immune response against a variety of HIV antigens in patients with HIV. It consists of a suspension

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Ways to get better sleep

Though It’s nothing out of the ordinary to struggle with sleep at night sometimes, Insomnia is the inability to sleep at night that disturbs daily functioning. Lack of chronic sleep might the linked to a couple of health problems, so you are advised to consult your physician before self-medicating.  Though you might be tempted to turn to over the counter

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Nurse Call System Market is expected to reach USD 3,861.1 million by 2030, at 10 percent CAGR. Biz

What is a Nurse Call System? … To put it simply, nurse call systems allow a patient to call or contact their nurse/nurse’s station easily and enables healthcare professionals to provide exceptional care to their patients. Nurse Call System Market Scope and Analysis: Market.Biz provides a clear and comprehensive description of Nurse Call System Market Key Trends, Value Chains, Supply Chain Analysis,

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