Ukraine’s Medical Programme Is Fraudulent, MDCN rejects Certificate

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The MDCN advised students who are studying medicine or dentistry in Ukrainian medical schools to seek transfer to other accredited medical or dental schools in other countries for completion of their programs.

The Registrar of the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN), Dr. Tajudeen Sanusi, said Russia is the language of expression in Ukraine, but the country hurriedly set up a parallel program because of the quest for medical education by students from English-speaking developing countries.

“They (Ukraine) don’t train them using patients. They train them using mannequins only. They don’t even see or touch patients and they are coming here to talk rubbish,” he said.

He said “So what else do they want us to do? We did not make it compulsory for anybody. We said go and train wherever you want to train and present yourself for the exams.”

On the issue of going for service, he said they are not competent enough to handle patients.

“Someone who has not been certified to be able to treat patients will be mobilized for youth service as what?” he asked.

“They cannot intimidate anybody. We have a responsibility in the council to safeguard the health of Nigerians and other people living in this country without fear or favor. We don’t train them, and these people are not even allowed to practice in those countries where they trained.

“What we are doing for them is called damage control. Some of them are not even qualified to sit for our examination. They are our children. If they don’t accept them over there, can we throw them away? That is why we put up a programme for them but they complained and we removed it, yet they are complaining.

“We would not allow people that are not competent to have access to our patients and start killing people.”

It further stated that online medical training being organized by schools in Ukraine, China, and other countries is short of an acceptable standard and therefore not recognized by the MDCN.

The Federal Government has stated that Medical and Dental degree certificates from medical Schools in Ukraine will not be honored until normal academic activities resume in Ukraine.

In a statement by the Management of the Council, it instructed Chief Medical Directors/Medical Directors of Teaching Hospitals and Federal Medical Centres to stop entertaining applications for one-year internships from students undergoing medical and dental degree programs from foreign universities without clearance from it.

It said: “Medical and Dental Degree Certificates issued by Medical Schools from Ukraine from 2022 will NOT be honored by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria until when normal academic activities resume.

“In addition, the Council’s attention has been drawn to information that some students are carrying out online medical training being organized by schools in Ukraine, China and some other countries.

“For the avoidance of doubt, Council categorically states that online medical training done in any part of the world is short of acceptable standard and is not recognized by the MDCN.

“In the light of the above, the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria will not honor any Medical Degree Certificates issued at the end of any online medical training.”

It added: “Therefore, any application received from any student studying abroad who is seeking internship in Nigeria should be referred to the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) attaching relevant documents.


“The Chief Medical Directors/Medical Directors/Medical Superintendents of Teaching Hospitals and Federal Medical Centres, other Tertiary Health Facilities and related Institutions are hereby advised to abide by this instruction.”

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