Many patients glad to be served by a male nurse

dentist looking on woman s mouth

Compiled by NRS. C. ARUNO, JUNAID IBRAHIM and R. ARAVINTHAN (Male nurses)

HE was teased by his friends when he decided to be a nurse, but Kamal Ab Ghani persevered and many of his patients showed appreciation for his services.

The 35-year-old said his passion in nursing started when he saw a documentary about a male nurse “Sister Bakar” when he was in school, Utusan Malaysia reported.

“There were only a few male nurses. However, patients appreciate our presence. When it comes to ‘aurat’, most male patients prefer a male nurse to handle them,” he said.

He is currently the HIV and AIDS counsellor paediatric nurse at Hospital Kajang Specialist Clinic.

Kamal said he was referred to as a medical assistant (MA) or hospital assistant (HA) by patients as it was very rare to see male nurses in hospitals.

“Every time I meet the public, they would always ask me if I was an MA or HA.

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Kamal, who has been working for 17 years, lost two co-workers to Covid-19 while on duty, saying that was his most unforgettable experience which left an impact on his career.

Nevertheless, he added that he was happy every time a patient was finally discharged.

Singer Baby Shima called on the women community to voice out if they were sexually harassed on social media.

The 27-year-old, whose real name is Nor Ashima Ramli, said people who sent unsolicited sexual messages on social media such as Instagram should be punished, Harian Metro reported.

“To women out there, we have to be brave and should not be shy from reporting sexual harassment,” she said.

Recently, Shima received sexual messages on social media from strangers.

“To those who like to harass people online, think wisely. We have an Act to protect the people, you will be detected,” she warned.

A screenshot that she shared on her social media showed an individual persistently requesting to have sexual intercourse with her.

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