‘I don’t trust anyone!’ Nurse Sue bursts into tears after losing £117,000 in devastating scam

Nurse scammed

Before qualifying as a nurse, Nurse Sue worked in a club where she became friends with another lady called Hannah. She told Hannah how she liked the look of the DJ, Steve, who also worked there at the time as the two women.

To her surprise – Hannah said it was her uncle. Some eight years later Nurse Sue got a call from ‘Steve’ who had moved to Las Vegas and was doing extremely well for himself.

They started to become close and when he asked for a camcorder for Christmas she didn’t think much of it.

After a while, Hannah got in touch to say he was unwell with testicular cancer and needed urgent medical treatment.

Nurse Sue was distraught and agreed to pay half of his medical costs, forking out £1,000 a month and later helping with money towards his rent as well.

The scam continued for eight years and, before long, Nurse Sue, who earned a modest income as a nurse, fell into debt.

Bursting into tears, the former nurse said: “I had a breakdown in December 2019 which is where I stopped work – I couldn’t work anymore.

“In January is when I had to stay with my mate Laura because I was suicidal over it.

“That’s when we started uncovering everything.”

Hannah has since pleaded guilty to fraud and was given a 28 month prison sentence and a restraining order.

The ordeal has left her unable to work and carry on with her normal life.

She told ITV viewers: “I don’t trust anyone.

“I used to be outgoing but I’ve been isolated, manipulated and bullied.”

More scams are coming to light everyday with fraud surging a staggering 24 percent during the pandemic.

Estimates from the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) showed there were 4.6 million fraud offences in the year ending March 2021.

This compares to three million incidents of theft and 1.6 million incidents of violent crime.

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