Nursing Specialization: Nigeria Medical Association Remains Mum, FMOH Sends Warning Against Rivalry [Picture]

Letter addressing denial Nursing Specialization by Federal Ministry of Health

Following Denial to practice specialty skills by Nurses, Nurse Anesthetists and Midwives by Chief Medical Directors of some tertiary health institution, the National association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives directed appropriate complaint to the Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH).

The complaint was addressed with Ref number C.2920/S.4/T6/51 to all chief medical directors and medical doctors, the letter contains some vital details about the denial.

Letter addressing denial Nursing Specialization by Federal Ministry of Health
Letter from FMOH addressing denial

They were also advised to encourage team work among the licensed health professionals to avoid unnecessary professional rivalry by allowing Nurses to practice their different specialty which will improve health care delivery to clients.

Other dimensions to rivalry in the health sector include: Doctors vs other Health Workers, Pathologists vs Laboratory Scientists, Radiologists vs Radiographers, and ophthalmologist Vs optometrists and others.

There is a need to address Professional Harmony in Nigerian Health Sector as well as the seemingly systemic denigration of the graduate and postgraduate medical degrees and unending rivalries within and amongst medical, paramedical and even administrative personnel in the health sector.

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