Pakistan Nurses, Midwives Federation

Name & Office

The Association shall be known and function as the Pakistan Nurses, Midwives Federation (PNF), successor to the Trained Nurses Association of Pakistan, and hereinafter known as the Federation. The Federation is non-political and non-sectarian.
Under Pakistan Nurses, Midwives Federation (PNF) each Province and the State of Azad Jammu and Kashmir shall constitute Provincial Association to be known by the name of the respective Province/State.
The Provincial/AJK Association shall be sub-divided into Branch Nurses Association at Divisional or District Level.
The Pakistan Nurses, Midwives Federation (PNF) shall be affiliated to the International Council of Nurses, International Confederation of midwives and Common Wealth Nurses Federation.


Full members (Voting members)

  1. All nurses, LHVs, Midwives enrolled as full members in any of the provincial associations forming the Pakistan Nurses, Midwives Federation (PNMF) shall be members of the Pakistan Nurses, Midwives Federation (PNMF).
  2. Those Pakistani nurses residing outside the country and registered with the Pakistan Nursing Council shall be eligible for membership of payment of prescribed fees.
  3. The member who is on deputation must pay her membership fee to the Branch where she is on deputation and inform to the parent Branch & Centre.
  4. Free to make a decision with information to the Branch.
  5. Transfer her membership temporarily to the place of deputation.

Registered Office

The Registered Office of the Federation shall be situated at Karachi, Lahore or at such other place as may be deemed fit by the Governing Body of the Federation.


Any full member or associate member of the Federation who joins any trade Union or Workers Union or other nurses organization not recognized by the Pakistan Nurses, Midwives Federation (PNF) shall cease to be a member of the Federation.

Associate Members

  1. All Students under Nursing, Lady Health Visitor, Midwives, Family Welfare Workers etc, Educational Programme (General Nursing, Midwifery Nursing, and Public health Nursing) are eligible to be the Associate members of the PNF, PNAs, BNAs
  2. The Associate members shall have the right to vote only on issues concerning the associate members brought forward by their representatives on the Executive Board of the Pakistan Nurses, Midwives Federation (PNF)

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