Doctor James Arrested for killing a Nurse after months of investigation

Man in yellow undergoing questioning from the detectives.
Man undergoing questioning from the detectives.

Lt. Austin Matulonis of the California Highway Patrol made the arrest announcement in front of Juliana Ramos’ family, a 26-year-old nurse and mother of three, according to KFSN-TV.

Authorities said a cardiologist was detained after a months-long probe aided by an anonymous tip in a hit-and-run that killed a nurse who had stopped to rescue a collision victim on a highway.


James Leonard Comazzi, 68, was arrested and put into Fresno County jail on Monday at his Sonora residence. On Tuesday, he posted bond.

Ramos was killed on February 10 while attempting to assist the driver of a car who had suffered serious injuries in a collision with a big rig on Highway 99 near Fresno. Authorities say her 4-month-old kid was still in the car when she was hit by a red SUV.

Investigators hunted for the driver of the SUV for months, saying he stopped, stepped out for a time, then got back in and sped away.

An anonymous report through Crimestoppers identified Comazzi as the driver and provided a likely location for the vehicle eight months later, breaking the case open.


Comazzi faces criminal hit-and-run charges as well as vehicular manslaughter charges. It was not immediately clear whether he had hired an attorney to represent him.

Officers were able to cross-reference the tipster’s information with surveillance video from the crash area.

Adventist Health confirmed to the television station in a statement that Comazzi is on its medical staff, but offered no further details.

Ramos’ loved ones urged people to submit any information they may have about any crime anonymously through Crimestoppers and said they are heartbroken the other driver didn’t express the same compassion she did that night.

“It should be in human nature to stop and help someone, just like it was in her nature,” said Cynthia Ramos, her sister-in-law. “She could have easily stayed in her car. She went ahead and did what she loved to do, which was serve and help as a nurse.”

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