Six facts you didn’t know about penis.

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Penis Fact No. 1 :

As much as a centimeter might be lost from his penis when he smokes. It’s all about blood flow for erections, because blood arteries calcifies them, preventing erection circulation.

This is Penis Fact 2

The foreskins of circumcised babies can now be used to regenerate skin for burn patients. It would take 23,000 square meters of human flesh to cover every Major League infield. Yum?


Penis Fact 3

Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation can be caused by an enlarged prostate gland. He may not be aware, but if your man is suffering from one of these symptoms, his doctor is eager to examine his prostate.

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Penis Fact 4

The average male orgasm lasts six seconds. Women get 23 seconds. Mic drop.

This is Penis Fact 5.

Turns out, size does matter. The longer his penis, the better “semen displacement” he’ll achieve. That’s according to researchers at the State University of New York, who used artificial phalluses (fake peens) to test the “scooping” mechanism of the penis’s coronal ridge.

Sixth Penis Fact

Reconstruction of circumcised foreskin is possible. As the shaft of the penis is pushed toward the tip, tape is used to secure the skin that is movable. Plastic rings, caps, and weights are then applied by the medical professionals. Complete coverage, on the other hand, might take many years to achieve. TMI? (If you think reconstructing a foreskin is strange, you should read about how physicians created an eight-inch penis for a guy in Crazy But True Tales From a Penis Doctor.)

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