Hospitals Not Allowing Student Internships

Students of medical colleges and institutes at the opposition’s Free Aleppo University launched a campaign on social media to urge hospitals in the northern Aleppo province to allow them to get internships.


Mohamed Yassin, head of the Free Syrian Students Union, told Zaman al-Wasl that the university includes 360 students in the fourth, fifth and sixth years of the Faculty of Medicine, in addition to 284 students in the Technical Institute Medical with all its specialties from obstetric, nursing and laboratories.

These students are currently in dire need of training, but the major hospitals in the towns of Afrin, Azaz, Al-Bab, and Al-Rai have refused to train them. This has caused a considerable dilemma, since they are in the last years of their university studies; they cannot graduate unless completing their educational attainment or pursue their profession without undergoing these practical training and gaining experience on the ground in hospitals and laboratories.

The Free Aleppo University, which was established in 2016, announced on November 21, 2020, the graduation of the first batch of its students, which consisted of 32 male and female doctors, all of whom were discontinued from pursuing their education in the Syrian regime universities.


Some students are receiving training in hospitals affiliated with organizations operating in the northern countryside, but the latter is unable to absorb this number of them, unlike the major hospitals that can absorb this number, which is increasing due to the high demand for studying at the Free Aleppo University. And specifically in the medical branches.

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