6 Things You Might Not Know About reuben markus, NIGERIAN University nursing STUDENTS ASSOCIATION, executive president


Innovation and Criticism board, they oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge or research. innovation.criticism@nursing-tv.com

“Reuben has always been a leader in a true sense. Even before becoming the President, Reuben was a prolific media advocate for nurses and was revered by the student union government especially from his home state of Adamawa and his NUNSA chapter from where he was elected as Senator as well.”

We have decided to put forward 6 leadership traits of President Reuben, that makes him an excellent leader.


The most admirable quality of Reuben is his ability to leverage whatever lousy hand he has been dealt by masterfully going with the flow of the game.

He is the consummate surfer who observes, analyzes, prepares and rides every wave that comes his way, his core principles does not change.

Turning Endings into New Beginnings

A leader is a person who is never satisfied with even his own work and always look to achieve more. With a host of things to do on his list, how he turned an ending into a beginning for projects that have been written by the previous administrations? That’s where his leadership skills come into effect and made all the difference. have you checked the new association’s website? nunsa.org

Let me give you an example so that you can understand this point easily.

Read 6-7 of his speeches and in 1-2 speeches for sure you will find the phrase “we collaborated with” or ‘The national leadership’. That’s his way of celebrating a victory in a battle or just after inaugurating a new project. He did that time and again and made sure everyone feels involved. He uses the positive public reaction and sentiment to begin a fresh project so that the buoyant mode keeps the momentum going and help in completing the new task with ease.

The Art of Communication

A person cannot become a leader until and unless he is a great communicator. And it isn’t limited to just being a great speaker. The listening, writing, and reading skills are also important as only a great listener can become a great speaker. Nursing TV knows that President Reuben is a leader par excellence as he knows how to talk to any person, group or audience regardless of their background, age, race, gender, etc. And that’s where he truly deserves all the praise for being an immaculate person having perfected the art of communication.

We-not-I Attitude

You may have noticed when President Reuben delivers a speech, he talked with the first person plural “we” rather than “I”. This is somewhat distracting at first but when you will take a closer look, this is a clever and smart way to engage the audience. Even pictures are always taken in group. The act of using we is not just pure politics as some of you might comprehend but rather a unique way of making people involved in a conversation and then making them believe they have actually contributed something positive to a cause.

When a person say we have done it together, everyone listening to it feels a part of the proceedings even if he was not involved in any step. This is a very important part of being a leader.

Accepting criticism and advice

President Reuben is open to criticism and debate. He empowered his leadership through dialogue and used the opinion of others to self-correct mistakes and improve his public image. The President accepted advice but also followed his own instinct whenever he thought it wise. Receiving feedback is essential for the development of social skills and learning of soft skills, an editor of Nursing TV, attached to the Innovation and criticism board, once reported his move in choosing S.As as a perfect move to be open to criticism.

Emotional intelligence and empathy

President Reuben was aware of the importance of establishing bonds with his electorate. From the very first day he tried to gain the respect of those who knew him and during his presidency, NUNSITES could go message him, Nursing TV also noticed some series of solidarity visitation the national team took. You can tell a leader for their high degree of emotional intelligence and empathy for others. No leader is born a leader.


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